The Best Leaders are Servant Leaders.

Every leader must make a choice ... to be serving or to be self serving. The best leaders think of others first and it increases their influence and ultimately brings the greatest fulfillment. Selfish leaders cripple their impact.

LeaderNow's customized leadership development process incorporates your ministry's culture, leadership capabilities, and objectives. We use these dynamics to teach servant leadership skills and action points that your leaders can immediately implement.

We help you create a culture where leaders are compelled by the unshakeable desire to serve.

LeaderNow also offers Executive Coaching and provides honest, open feedback, which executives rarely receive. The two main Executive Coaching methods are diagnosis and development. The Executive Coach uses direct observation, leadership assessments, and personality assessments to diagnose an executive’s strengths and challenges and then helps implement a development plan to measure improvement.

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Together We Equip

Dr. Bert Ross, Contributing Author

In Together We Equip, you will discover the biblical foundation for equipping others. Equipping others in ministry is a process you bring with you as the leader! Its both personal and public. Its you as an individual and your church. This book will challenge you to take responsibility to grow spiritually, engage the culture, and share the gospel. Further, you will discover the impact of discipleship in the local church by examining mentoring small groups and preaching as relevant means to equip others.

In the later chapters of the book, seasoned church ministry leaders with years of experience in making disciples through equipping ministry of the local church share many practical ways to equip others and lead church ministries:

  • children's ministry
  • youth ministry
  • collegiate ministry
  • men's and women's ministries
  • adult and senior adult ministries

Many ministry leaders do not know how to make disciples. They know, accept, and believe the Great Commission (Matt. 28: 1920). Yet they struggle with practical approaches and methods to carry out a viable equipping ministry. The book will help you elevate the importance of personal growth, making disciples, and assist you to align your age-graded and gender-based ministry leadership development.